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The next Meat & Potatoes Class begins: Mon, June 15th @ 7pm. Class meets MWF for four weeks! Please email us at info@doghousecrossfit.com to sign up.


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5820 N. Northwest Hwy
Chicago, IL 60631 



Monday-Wednesday & Friday:

5:30, 7 & 9AM

4, 5, 6, & 7PM

Meat and Potatoes: MWF at 7pm 

Thursday: OPEN GYM 7-10am & 4-7:30pm, 5pm Barbell Basics 6pm Olympic Lifting, 7:30 Candle Light Yoga

: 9am FREE Intro Class & 10am Team WOD/Lifting

Sunday: OPEN GYM 8-10am, 10am Kids Boxing Class (Advanced) 11am Kids Boxing (Beginners)

CrossFit Journal



Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday- 8am Open Gym, 9am Free Intro Class, 10am Team WOD 

Sunday- 8-10am Open Gym


VDL Grassfed Beef is making a delivery to Dog House on Saturday, August 1st! Steve will drop orders off around 9:30am. Please be there to pick up because there's limited space in the gym freezer. To order visit their website vdlgrassfed.com and feel free to email Steve if you have any questions (steve@vdllimited.com)


The next MOBILITY SESSION will be Thursday, August 6th at 7:30pm. We had a great turn out last week and we're going to begin offering educational mobility sessions on Thursdays alternating with Yoga (check website regularly for updates). Next session we will be covering shoulders, upper back and neck. The purpose of this class is to teach body management and recovery. By developing a better understanding of why and how you should work on your body specific to YOU, the better you will feel and perform. No need to sign up, just show up!


Noon class now offered MWF


Ready to get started with us? Our next Meat & Potatoes (beginners class) begins Monday, August 17th at 7pm! Class willl meet MWF @ 7pm for four weeks and cover the basics! Don't miss out! Class size is limited so sign up today! To register, email us at info@doghousecrossfit.com or stop by the gym during class hours. 


Kids Boxing Club- We have opened registration for Fall Session (begins Sunday, August 23rd). To register email Coach Steve at doghousecrossfitkidsboxingclub@yahoo.com. We are collecting payment at the gym during open hours (see schedule for details) or you may PayPal courtney.valerious@gmail.com. Fall Session pricing is $125 per child and $75 per additional child in each family. Advanced Class will run at 10am, and Beginners Class at 11am. 

On Sunday, July 26th at 10am, Arthur Boorman is coming to Dog House to speak to our kids about "NEVER GIVING UP." This guest lecture is open to all Dog House Members and Kids Boxing Families. 


Dog House Weightlifting- Interested in competing? We will begin a new 12 week cycle beginning June 15th that will feature 3 workouts per week on the website under the CrossFit WOD with the option of a 4th day of training on Saturdays (doors open 8-11:30am)

Individual programming is available as well. Contact Court to discuss pricing and details at courtney@doghousecrossfit.com

October 24-25th Mid-American Weightlifting Championships (at CF Rise in Schaumburg)


Summer Weekend Hours! We will begin opening the doors on Saturday at 8am! We will provide an hour of open gym from 8-9am prior to classes starting. On Sundays, we will continue to be open from 8-10am before Kids Boxing Classes.


10am Team WOD:

In teams of 2:

6 rounds of:

6 push-ups

200m run

10 kettlebell swings

*Each partner completes 3 rounds 


6 rounds of:

10 toes to bar

10 burpees

*Each partner completes 3 rounds

*Only one partner working at a time (for both segments)


Dog House Weightlifting:

*Reminder: These workouts are meant to be your main workout for the day. Alternating CF and weightlifting days is a challenging combo in itself. You will likely find yourself under recovering if you're doubling up on these workouts. The new "Day 4" is only for those who are prioritizing the lifting. If you are doing a mix of CF and lifting, please only stick to the 3 days. 

Week 8

Un-loading this week 

Day 1: 

Snatch push press + OHS, 6-5-4-3-2-1  (6 = 6+1, 5 = 5+1 etc..)

Power snatch, 55% x 2, 60% x 2, 65% x 2, 70% x 1, 75% x 1, 80% x 1 (may work to heavy single- must be power)

Snatch grip RDL, 6-6-6-6 (keep weights moderate)

Front squat, 60% x 4, 70% x 3, 78% x 3, 82% x 3 x 4


Day 2:

Push press + squat (clean grip) 6-5-4-3-2-1 (example: 2 = 2+1, 1=1+1)

Power clean + push jerk, 60% x 2, 65% x 2, 70% x 2, 75% x 1, 80% x 1, 85% x 1

No feet cleans, 50% x 3, 55% x 3, 60% x 3, 65% x 3, 70% x 2, 75% x 1, 80% x 1  

Clean pull, 90% 3, 95% 2, 100% 2, 105% 2, 110% 2 


Day 3:

Snatch (hang above knee) 60% x 3, 65% x 2, 70% x 2, 75% x 2, 80% x 2, 83% x 1 x 4

Press in split + jerk in split, 3+3 x 4 sets (light)

Front squat + jerk, 65% x 3+1, 75% x 2+1, 80% x 3+1, 85% x 2+1, 90% x 1+1 (base of jerk %)

Back squat, 65% x 6, 70% x 5, 75% x 4, 80% x 3, 84% x 2 x 4 


Day 4 (accessory day- optional)

No feet no contact snatch, 6,5,4,3,2,1

Strict pull-ups, 20-30 reps (break up as you wish)

Military press 5 x 5


Back extension 3 x 10

Stall bar leg raises 3 x 10