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Monday-Wednesday & Friday:

5:30, 7, 9am & 12pm

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8pm class MW only

Thursday: OPEN GYM 7-10am & 4-7:30pm 

: 8am Open Gym, 10am Team WOD/Lifting

Sunday: Kids Boxing: 9:00 Intermediate, 10:00 Advanced, 11:00 Beginners 

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Kids Boxing Club

At Dog House CrossFit, we believe very strongly in creating strong, healthy, confident and self-aware members starting at our roots: our children. Our Kids Boxing Program is a very special program that delivers a strong message that goes beyond physical fitness. Your kids will be challenged physically and taught the importance of living a healthy active lifstyle. Our program's motto is, "HARD WORK PAYS OFF," and coach Steve strikes a perfect balance in pushing the class while giving them confidence and support to tackle new challenges inside and outside of the gym. You will not find a better kids program. In class, we teach more than just boxing. Your child will learn and cultivate confidence and have their physical fitness challenged. They will also learn: 

*Boxing skills, basic fitness, the importance of eating well and exercising, self defense, anti-bullying, teamwork

*Life skills, firm handshakes, speaking confidently, safety awareness, stranger danger, focus and dedication

*Work ethic, self esteem, never quitting, "you can't buy tough at target," and HARD WORK PAYS OFF

Our Fall Session begins Sunday, August 13th (12 classes)
Intermediate Class 9:00-10am
Advanced Class 10:00-11:00am
Beginners Class 11:00-12:00
Classes meet every Sunday and each class consists of a warm up, 10-15 minutes of continuous group exercise, boxing technique, small group work, relay races, and the occasional obstacle course! We bring in guest speakers and each session includes a child safety seminar for both kids and parents. Each child is issued a new Dog House Kids Boxing Club t-shirt each session. For pricing and registration please email us at
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Meet Our Volunteer Coaching Staff:

Steve Linder, Head Coach

"As a proud father of two young girls, their health, safety, and future is of prominent importance to me. In the kids boxing class I have a unique opportunity to influence young lives and teach the kids about many aspects of life including my love of martial arts, boxing, exercise and CrossFit. I volunteer my time to teach the youth in our community because it's something I'm very passionate about. My training philosophy with the kids is simple: I try to lead by example and do every exercise and drill that I ask the kids to do. I teach them that quitting is never ever an option in any aspect of life, that hard work pays off, and no matter what, they CAN do it if they work hard enough. I have been in law enforcement as an officer for 16+ years. In this career I have pursued kidnappers, murderers, child molesters, gang members and many other violent criminals.   Our kids need to be prepared mentally and physically for all the challenges they will face in the world today. Kids boxing is a passionate hobby for me which brings me a great amount of pleasure." - Coach Steve

Lead Coaches:

Jeff Weber

Gaspar Castro

Assistant Coaches:

Pat Jones

Matt Newman

Luis Salinas

Kirk Davis

Lorena Ricken

Jim Flannigan

Parent Testimonials:

I would like to share a huge thank you to Coach Steve Linder and Dog House Crossfit for all of their hard work and efforts they have put forth into the Kids Boxing Program.  When my kids first told me they wanted to join a boxing class, I was against it.  After attending the first class I realized there is much more to it than boxing.  The class includes fitness, boxing, kick-boxing, confidence building, self-discipline and life lessons that every child should know including bullying and child abduction awareness. He takes time with each and every child to work on their individual needs. Coach Steve gets my highest recommendation not only as a coach but as a mentor.  He has shown the kids the true meaning of HARD WORK PAYS OFF! -Lisa Gibson

 "Since joining the Doghouse Crossfit Kids Boxing Club this past summer, I've noticed many positive changes in my now 5 year old son. To begin, my son has developed a great attitude towards being active and living healthy. He enjoys working out and is actually very alert as to what he's eating! Another thing I've noticed is his character. He displays confidence and shakes people's hands just like Coach Steve shows them how! I firmly believe that my son's healthy habits and character developments are a direct reflection of the values and positive atmosphere at Doghouse Crossfit kids Boxing club. We are very excited that the program is being permanently incorporated into the gym's curriculum and we look forward to seeing the program grow! Keep up the good work and thanks for everything you guys do for the kids!" -Gaspar C.

"My children have been attending the kids boxing classes since April of 2014. Through this program my children have acquired many skills mentally and physically. The coaching staff is passionate about teaching the children how be strong and confident. This program is well rounded touching on fitness, and real life situations. The children not only engage in basic boxing and exercising skills,  but are exposed to many different ways of dealing with various topics like bullying, strangers, and making healthy lifestyle choices. Most importantly this program teaches children to always keep a positive attitude!" -Chrissy D.


 "I can't say enough about the Doghouse Crossfit Kids Boxing Club!! My son loves the program! He has already gained so much self confidence, knowledge of how to handle himself in specific situations, and much needed refreshers of safety awareness! It has also provided him a designated outlet for those 8 year old emotions, that he is not always quite sure what to do with!! Coach Steve is fantastic and the kids are very receptive to his teachings of all skills! We are very excited for the new session to begin!" - Michelle A.


"I just had to make sure the The Kids Boxing Club at Dog House Crossfit is recognized for the difference it makes in kids lives. Coach Steve really does an amazing job teaching the kids not only proper boxing techniques but life skills as well. He teaches them respect, discipline, heathy nutrition habits, and so much more. My son has had a tough time learning and focusing in school which had negatively effected his self esteem. I loved watching my son's confidence grow so much in just a couple weeks from this class. He can't wait for the next session to start up. Thank you so much Dog House Crossfit for having such a great program available for kids."  - Karisa G.