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: 8am Open Gym, 10am Team WOD/Lifting

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CrossFit Journal



Monday, January 14, 2013

Challenge Day 7 is here. Sluggishness can be common in day 2-4ish as your body adapts to utilizing more fat as energy when you quit feeding it nutrient-depleting foods. Beyond that, you should be feeling great, assuming your recovery habits are good otherwise, and you're not sick (ahem, bone broth!). You may be used to limiting your quantity of foods thanks to the calorie-fear or carb/fat fears instilled in us by fad diets and other nutrition misadventures. Eat meals of high quality unprocessed meats/eggs made with high quality fats with nutrient-dense carbs (squash, sweet potatoes, root vegetables) until you're full. Do this whenever you're hungry and do not skip meals. If you're eating plenty of quality food and sleeping plenty and still feel off, have a read. This 4-part awesome series of articles are some common problems and easy solutions.

And finally, my gift to you: Really slowly roasted roots.

Pile some thinly chopped roasted root vegetables into a deep baking dish (beets, celery root, carrots, celery, turnips, peeled apples, onions, garlic). Dollop several glops of high-quality fat on top and pour about 2 cups bone broth (or water) into the dish. Bake uncovered at 275 for 3-3.5 hours. If you want to make it a meal, plop a roasting rack on top of the vegetables and place a bird or bone-in seasoned (sprinkle some herbs) foil-covered roast on top and bake a little longer (3.5-4hrs), using a 2c extra broth in the pan.



5 mins of chest to bar pullup/kipping pullup/kipping swing practice 

*note: goal is to maximize efficiency. Get 2-3 max or high rep sets in.


Strength/Olympic Lifting:

25 mins to work up to a heavy set of:

1 power clean + 2 front squat + 1 split jerk

*note: Rest no more than 1' between sets. 



Complete for time:

40 wall ball

20 T2B (scale to KTE if necessary... feet MUST touch bar or elbows each rep)


*note: Goal here is to hold yourself and others to competition standards. Ball MUST touch target, feet MUST touch bar etc. Scale as needed but stick to your chosen parameters.