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CrossFit Journal



Tuesday, September 5, 2017 

We want to shout a huge congrats out to our newest TOP DOG......NORA!!!!! Nora is a Dog House original and been around for almost 5 years. She has come so far since day 1 and seeing her grow as an athlete and person has been super inspirational. Lately, she is attacking work outs with a certain fierce look in her eye.  Nora you have motivated many around you to push a little harder and you are such a pleasure to have in classes. All the coaches are super proud of your hard work throughout the years and we know there is still so much to come! Dog House is lucky to have you! Check out our interview with Nora below.....

1.) Age 

See question 5. 


2.) How long have you been Crossfitting?

Almost 5 years. 


3.) Athletic background: My parents put me on skis when I was three and the rest is history! You name it, I played it. 


4.) What were your thoughts after your first WOD? 

That was amaze, what time tomorrow? 


5.) What is something no one knows about you? I'm 39. 


6.) What are your training/fitness goals?

To keep moving forward, be better than I was yesterday and to have abs by my 40th. 


7.) What is your favorite WOD/movement?

Murph/power cleans 


8.) What is your favorite cheat food?



9.) What's your favorite thing about Crossfit? It's that thing in my life that makes me stop thinking about everything else going on. 


10.) What advice would you give new people to Crossfit? To stay away from my Speal bar. And to not give up. Ever. 


11.) Coolest place you've traveled? 



12.) If you could be any animal what animal and why? 

I'd be a tortoise cause they live forever. 


13.) What would be your fight walk out song? 

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift (stolen from Anthony Rizzo)


14.) If you are throwing a party what bands would you hire for cocktails? dinner? after party? I'd hire Justin Timberlake for the whole thing. 


15.) Do you have a most embarrassing moment? Can you share it? Yes. No.


Attention members!! We are trying to clean up the front lobby area. We ask if anyone keeps their belongings up front on the racks please take them home by Labor Day September 4th. Anything left behind will be donated.

Ready to get started? Our monthly Meat & Potatoes class meets MWF at 7pm for 4 weeks. The next session begins Wednesday September 6th at 7pm!  If you're interested in joining send us an email at!!!


Warm up:

5 min EMOM

3 Box jumps


Deadlifts: 50%/5 - 60%/5 - 70%/3 - 80%/3 - 90%/3+

3 Rounds 
15 push presses 95/65#
30 sit-ups
15 front squats 95/65#

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