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CrossFit Journal



Friday, July 14, 2017 


We are excited to present you with our June TOP DOG............Kelli!

Kelli joined us only a couple short months ago but due to her consistent efforts to improve and work hard she is already seeing huge benefits! Kelli is a mom of 2 and very determined to show her kids how important an active and healthy lifestyle is. Kelli is also not afraid to set goals, for instance right now she is focusing on strict pull-ups and putting in time outside of class to work on this. Kelli is a great addition to the Dog House community and we are lucky to have her. Keep up the hard work Kelli you are inspiring a lot of us! Read our interview with Kelli below to learn more about her! 

1.) Age 33 

2.) How long have you been doing Crossfit at Dog House?

 February 2017

3.) Athletic background: 

Growing up I played many sports, but once high school came around I only played basketball. I received many awards, some being weekly player for the tribune, all conference and all area.  I received an offer to play at a division 3 school in Ohio. Sadly, I didn't take it and ended up going to Eastern Illinois University where I only played intramural sports. I also have been a runner my entire life. My father taught me at a young age and we would go on long runs. It was until later on in my life I truly learned to appreciate it. I  continue to run with him and run races. I have never ran more than a half marathon. My goal is to train for the full marathon in 2018. 

4.) What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

 I loved it! I knew right away that Dog House was totally for me! The best part about WOD is that everything can be scaled if needed and it is made possible for everyone to do! 

5.) What is something no one knows about you? 

If I tell you, then everyone will know! Honestly, I can't think of anything. I am pretty much an open book. 

6.) What are your training/fitness goals? 

My number one goal is to continue to be consistent in going to Doghouse and to continue to show my children how strong I am. I am extremely passionate about showing them how important it is to be strong (both mentally and physically). We have to be role models for our children. They are always watching and trying to follow in our footsteps.  

7.) What is your favorite WOD/movement?


8.) What is your favorite cheat food?

Carne Asada Burrito with everything and extra cilantro (and a side of spicy pico de gallo)

9.) What's your favorite thing about Crossfit?

The community. Everyone is there for each other and is so supportive. It's an incredible bond that can't be described unless you are part of it. From day one I felt welcomed and that was a main reason for continuing to come and workout at  Doghouse. This is another piece that I want my children to see and take in. I want them to grow up knowing how important it is to create friendships and to help others in being successful! 

10.) What advice would you give new people to Crossfit?

You are stronger than you think, don't give up and be consistent with going.  The WOD may seem hard and unrealistic at times, but you will find yourself surprised at how strong you actually are. Never give up! If there are days you aren't feeling your best, then modify, but keep going! If you are consistent with going, you will become stronger and see improvements! 

11) Coolest place you've traveled? 

To Chichén Itzá of the Maya Ruins to see El Castillo (a large pyramid) 

12) If you could be any animal what animal and why? 

A dolphin. Dolphins are extremely intelligent. They have their own language and their brain is more complex than humans! And they never sleep!

13) What would be your fight walk out song?  Christina Aguilera "Fighter"

14) If you are throwing a party what bands would you hire for cocktails? dinner? after party? Bruno Mars  (cocktail)  Alicia Keys (dinner)  Justin Timberlake (after party) 

15) Do you have a most embarrassing moment? Can you share it?  I have an embarrassing moment pretty much once a day. One that sticks out to me the most was when I was pregnant with my son I thought my water broke so we rushed to the hospital, only to find out I peed my pants. 


Ready to get started? Join our monthly Meat & Potatoes class. This month's class began Monday July 10th. This class meets MWF at 7pm for 4 weeks. If your're interested in joining this session send us an email at It's not too late!  


Dallas 5

5 minutes of 


rest 1 min 

5 min of 

7 deadlifts (155/105#)

7 box jumps (24/20")

rest 1 min 

5 min of Turkish get ups (40/25#)

rest 1 min

5 min of 

7 snatches (75/55#)

7 push-ups

rest 1 min 

5 min of 

rowing (calories)

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